DRISHTIKON in 2010.......

 Debate was organized in the cultural festival Abhivyanjana.
The program was conducted in two phases.

Phase I: Screening round was held on two days to select the students for the final round. The screening was 21st and 22nd October 2010. The topics were as bellow.

·         Democracy becomes false if all the people of the country do not have basic literacy, (School of Management and Humanities and Social Sciences).

·         Our nation is prepared for handling disasters (School of Engineering)

·         Naxals are serious about development of backward areas. (School of ICT)

·         Women reservation law will boost the women empowerment in India. (School of Bio-technology)

In this round in total 12  students were selected through the panels of Judges for the final round.

Phase II:   Final Round was conducted on 29th October’2010 in the Auditorium of the School of Management following the inauguration of the programme.

·         Topic : The Common Wealth Games, a waste of money.
·          Winners: The fist position went to Ms Niyati Baliyan 
                              second position went to Ms Priyanka Chhaparia. 

DRISHTIKONE: Start to getting bigger!

Debating Society  “Drishtikon”   was introduced on 27th August 2010 to provide a platform to the students, to share their views on the current issues which are of concern to the society.
 The endeavor is to develop the analytically views and opinions about these issues and to holistically develop the students persona and awareness towards the society. The ultimate aim is to contribute towards the social, moral and ethical development of individuals so that they can contribute to the society as a better human being. 
Today Society stands big with members from all the schools of university,a full fledged student's GENERAL COUNCIL ,and a team of co-ordinators from each school.


Our next day of debating event is schedule on 7th September at 5 PM in Auditorium, School of Management