DRISHTIKON in 2010.......

 Debate was organized in the cultural festival Abhivyanjana.
The program was conducted in two phases.

Phase I: Screening round was held on two days to select the students for the final round. The screening was 21st and 22nd October 2010. The topics were as bellow.

·         Democracy becomes false if all the people of the country do not have basic literacy, (School of Management and Humanities and Social Sciences).

·         Our nation is prepared for handling disasters (School of Engineering)

·         Naxals are serious about development of backward areas. (School of ICT)

·         Women reservation law will boost the women empowerment in India. (School of Bio-technology)

In this round in total 12  students were selected through the panels of Judges for the final round.

Phase II:   Final Round was conducted on 29th October’2010 in the Auditorium of the School of Management following the inauguration of the programme.

·         Topic : The Common Wealth Games, a waste of money.
·          Winners: The fist position went to Ms Niyati Baliyan 
                              second position went to Ms Priyanka Chhaparia. 


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